I am Gabriel Esquivel, Founder, Director and Instructor of courses of Northlatitude. I was born and live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and through this way I welcome you to NORTHLATITUDE C.A.C.E.N which means (Northlatitude Argentine Center of Education and Training) aimed for the national and international training from which the courses of survival and orientation I offer to teach them fully in English language. Our center is comprised by a group of instructors and specialists where each one of us passes their knowledge in Survival, Orientation, Land navigation, skydiving, Search and Rescue (SAR), First aid, Mountaineering and Trekking, Jiujitsu and a combination of activities named as Multiadventure.

NORTHLATITUDE started its activities on January 5, 2005, day I taught my first course of cartography, orientation and land navigation having originated it formerly as my own personal project which dates back in the year 2003, being that before it, precisely in the year 1998, I`d begun my first steps in middle and high mountaineering and trekking training, having traveled to diverse natural environments as mountains and glaciers located in some provinces of our country and including our Argentine Patagonia which I knew most of its best places. Besides, precedes that to carry it out I took the good professional example of my second cousin named Daniel Esquivel who had been an Argentinian skydiver who won several national and international championships who back in the year 1974 also achieved to be a world champion in skydiving together with his skydivers fellows where I must add that I also took as a reference my military training received in the Argentine Air Force, when I joined it in the year 1984 where after getting my promotion with my first rank, I had the opportunity to know comrades, members from the special forces, specialists in survival, orientation, skydiving, rescue, mountaineering, diving, etc, being that later on I took some survival courses with them. From a very young age I grew up in a family where my father Oscar used to be military personnel of the Argentine Air Force, born in a the Diamante city, Entre Rios province and my mother Zulma, born in the Casilda city, in the province of Santa Fe and educated in the Ramos Mejía city, who had been educated in a family of industrialists and from them, I received the best education and example related to the values of study, work, sacrifice, effort and part of it I owe it to them.

As times goes by, who compose NORTHLATITUDE, not only we grown up gradually through the time if not, we were chosen for the education by students of course from diverse provinces of our country as well as other countries from South America, Central America, North America and Europe and among them, schools, group of scouts, national and international companies, civilian and military institutions, international consultant firms among others.

And what I consider more important is the countless presence of students who chose to be trained by us and for that, our thank because they belong to a group of former participants whose not only learned from our teaching if not, we learned from them on issues of personal values of having being part and having behaved as members of a true team when they were part of the several groups of courses we taught.


NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N) - Núñez (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires)
telefono de linea (011) 20953882 y teléfono móvil/whatsapp (15) 35059141
Argentina - info@northlatitude.com.ar