I am Gabriel Esquivel, Director, General Coordinator and Instructor of the courses, I was born and live in Argentine, Buenos Aires city and I welcome you to NORTHLATITUDE C.A.C.E.N. (Northlatitude Education and Training Argentine Center), aimed for the national and international education of course where the Survival, Orientation, Land Navigation and GPS courses I offer to teach them fully in English language. Our Center is composed by a staff of instructors and specialists where each one of them provide their expertises in Survival, Orientation, Land Navigation, Skydiving, Search and Rescue (SAR), First Aid, Mountaineering, Trekking, Rappel, Jiujitsu and a mixture of activities known as the Multiadventure.

NORTHLATITUDE began its activities on January 5, 2005, day I taught my first course of Orientation, Land Navigation and GPS, being it started as a my own personal project which I had started in the year 2003 as it precedes that in the year 1998 I had begun my first activities in the high and middle mountaineering and trekking practices, having traveled through several natural environments as mountains and glaciers located of some provinces of Argentine from which I knew most of its best places. Furthermore, I not only took the good example made by my second cousin by my mother side who used to be an argentine skydiver who had won many national and international skydiving championships and also was one of the worldwide champions of high altitude skydiving along his fellows in the year 1974 if not, I took I took as reference to some comrades of mine who were true specialized in wilderness survival, orientation, skydiving, rescuers, mountaineers, divers, etc, being that some of them were my instructors.

With the passing of the years together with the staff of NORTHLATITUDE not only we have grown gradually in time if not, we were chosen by students of our courses from diverse provinces of our country as well as from other countries from South America, Central America, North America and Europe and also, from diverse schools, scouts, companies, civilian and military institutions, international consultant firms among others, in order we train them.

And what I consider most important are you, yes, I refer to the countless number of students who chose to be educated with us from our beginnings and therefore, our gratitude because you belong to a group of students who not only learned from our teaching if not we learned from you when it comes to your personal values of being part and act as a real team to achieve your goals in time.

NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N) - Núñez (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires)
telefono de linea (011) 20953882 y teléfono móvil/whatsapp (15) 35059141
Argentina - info@northlatitude.com.ar