Survival international course for jungle areas of South America

          For the teaching of this "wilderness SURVIVAL" course, NORTHLATITUDE and Gabriel Esquivel were chosen in Argentina by means of an industrial engineer and members from the staff of the CH2M HILL, an international american engineering, leader in providing services of consulting, design, construction and operations for corporations and federal, state and local governments. This course took place in the Capital Federal, Buenos Aires city and it was attended by graduates an engineers specialized in environment from countries like Argentina (from the Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz and Mendoza cities) and from Costa Rica, Venezuela and Brazil. The obetive was to educate them on survival skills in view of their next work and study activities they will carry out in a jungle area located in south america. Among those Survival techquines taught were those lik stretcher construction for First Aid, Signalling and outdoor Shelter construction, Water and wild edible Food obtainment, methods to make Fire, diurnal and nocturnal Orienteering (crossing) using compass, topographic maps and other natural methods, etc. An outstanding group of participantes, ever predisposed to learn, to listen and particularly, to actively participate, thinking and working as a team.
Curso Supervivencia, Orientacion y GPS Northlatitude