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Terrain where the training of the course will take place


This course organized by the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO (DRAGONS OF THE GULF) international Colombian school will begin on Friday 16, August, at 8 a.m. where the participants will receive an introduction regarding to the activities to be developed where they will learn the essential and basic on some survival techniques to apply them later on during the practice which take place on the ground by means of methods like diurnal, nocturnal, natural and instrumental methods as well as diurnal and nocturnal orientation and land navigation techniques (to be carried out in some crossings on the terrain), where also you will learn about some basic techniques on First Aid. During the development of this course, the instructors will ever be with the students where one of the priorities is to act as a true team with the essential importance it has about chooing a leader of group, by simulating we are supposedly lost in the wilderness in an inhospitable and unknown natural land located far away from the immediate help that can be given by third persons which might be the assistance of rescue teams or others persons.

The course covers the importance of being very demanding on the ground because we are going to enter in the nature with our clothing, footwear and a very small backpack where we will carry some minimal stuff with us. GET READY to learn how to defend you in the nature by means of the use of natural resources located nearby of the survival campsite we are going to set up on the ground which will be for our own benefit within the thematic of a course like that because we precisely will make a team where we must survive in the outdoor where basically we need to apply some survival techniques as indicated in the PENTAGON OF SURVIVAL figure which comprises the First Aid, Signaling, Shelter, Water, Food, Fire, Clothing, Orientation, etc.


Why the name “DESAFIO (CHALLENGE)” given to this Survival course of Intensive level to be fully carried out in a wild area near of a Volcano? Because precisely as I have been explaining during 15 years of teaching classes in Argentina and abroad (as some foreigners students who attended courses in Northlatitude in Argentina), it means that taking a course of this kind will require to test your own limits to precisely survive in the nature which means a true challenge for the student or a group of them where each one will start to know their strengths and weaknesses. One of the objectives of this training is that you need to begin to overcome some limits to survive in the wilderness so in order to do that you will need to be provided of certain resources in the area to compensate certain lacks, imperious needs from which there are available in urban places, proper of the cities where there are certain comforts you can`t find in the nature. For that, in the course you will need to explore the area at where you will be and the outskirts to provide yourself of some lacks where to do that, you must apply techniques on First Aid to make stretchers for wounded ones, choose a Signaling area, build outdoor Shelters, obtain water to apply processes of cleaning and maintenance, obtain edible Food, make Fire, know basically the cardinal points as a basic method of Orientation on the ground to know how, when and where to undertake a crossing (journey) to find some help when there are no eventual signs that Search and Rescue (SAR) teams would be on rescue missions.

But before that, in the courses or seminars we are used to give, we teach about the importance of the Survival Psychology, Mind Control, the importance of the Leadership and Teamwork, etc., which those will be carried out during the practice and training on the ground because precisely is on that place where YOU PROVE YOURSELF, know YOUR OWN LIMITS that are part of your alone or group CHALLENGE.


The programme of this course is based in the PENTAGON OF SURVIVAL figure as indicatad in the upper photo.

  • P.M.A. (Positive Mental Attitude). Importance in the survival.
  • Survival Psychology. Mind Control in an emergency.
  • Adaptation. Importance of the adaptation in a unknown wilderness.
  • Leadership. Importance of the figure of the leader in a survival - types of leaders.
  • Teamwork. Importance and how to perfom and course of actions.
  • First Aid. Attention to woulded persons, construction and transfers on stretchers made in the nature.
  • Signaling. Marking a ground-air S.O.S. signal area and other ways by using diurnal and nocturnal methods.
  • Shelters. Construction of Shelters with elements from the nature.
  • Water. Collecting and methods of cleaning. Precautions.
  • Food. Collecting of edible food and rule of edibility.
  • Fire. Artificial and primitive methods to make fire with natural means and others.
  • Traps. Construction - types.
  • Knots. How to make basic knots, harness, canopy, etc.
  • Orientation and crossing. Space location of the cardinal points. Training of diurnal and nocturnal crossing by applying techniques of orientation by using instrumentals means (compasses and topographic maps) as naturals means.
  • Other items to be considered.

Required clothing and footwear

Comfortable and warm clothing.
Trousers for trekking.
Rainproof trousers.
Rainproof jacket.
Windbreaks jacket.
Clothing for mountain preferably.
Trekking shoes or other similar of fast drying.
Shoes not made of fabric.
Light layer, warm clothing preferably not made of cotton.
Warm clothing.

Stuff to be received by the students under completion of the course

One (1) course handbook of 140 sheets.
Warm hooded .
Patch made of fabric.
One (1) survival knife.
International course certificate.

Staff of instructors

SURVIVAL and ORIENTATION - Gabriel Esquivel
Instructor of Survival and Orientation at NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N).
DISCOVERY CHANNEL Survival International Instructor chosen by Discovery four (4) times in 2015, 2017 and 2018.
Survival Instructor of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO International Colombia School with professional license EIDG009AE.
Recognized as “Honorary Cause” International Survival Instructor by S.I.W.A. (Survival Instructor World Association) of Lakeland, Florida, United States and Spain.
Ex Associated Instructor of I.A.S.A. (International Association of Adventure and Survival) of Costa Rica.
Instructor of the BLACK BEAR “I “survival international course given in a jungle area of Ecuador SAFARI LEADER CAMP Company.
Instructor of the COLOMBIAN SURVIVAL CHALLENGE survival international course given in a desert area of Colombia DRAGONES DEL GOLFO – EMERHUIL Company.
Actor as survival instructor in the “PARABELLUM” Austrian International Film released in forty (40) international festivals.
Mountaineer and adventurer.
Military Personnel (R) of the Argentina Air Force.

International Instructor of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO School.
Director of Travesia Ecoturismo de Aventura (Ecotourism Crossing of Adventure).
Montaineer and Trekker.

TACTIC APH - Juan Pablo Campo Gomez
Director of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO International School.
Director of the EMERHUIL Association.
Tactic APH InternaTional Instructor of S.I.W.A. (Survival International World Association) of Lakeland, Florida, United States and Spain.
Military Personnel (R) of the Colombian Marine Corps.

Price of the course

$ 270.000 (colombians pesos) or U$S 90 (american dollars).

Registration in Colombia

Phones: +57 322 7457545 y + 57 3007564961
e-mail: emerhuil@outlook.com


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