NORTHLATITUDE is pleased to inform you that on March of 2020, the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO international company and the EMERHUIL Association, both from Colombia, will organize the international course of SURVIVAL, SEARCH and TRACING where the practice will be held in a jungle area located in the surroundings of the Neiva state. This course will be taught by international instructors from Colombia, Peru and Argentina. For further details and enrolement about this outdoor event, you must require more information with the course Organizator, Mr. Juan Pablo Campo Gomez, to the phone numbers you will find in the following banner.

Theoretical-practical activities on Survival technicques

  • Organization. Basis of the survival.
  • M.P.A (Mental Positive Attitude). Mental control and its importance.
  • Psychology of the Survival. Adaptation to the mid environment and coexistence with the human group.
  • Leadership. Importance of the figure and personality of the leader in the survival
  • Organization and Team work. How you must act before an emergency in the event of getting lost in the wilderness, in remote areas located away from the immediate help.
  • PENTAGON OF SURVIVAL. Its importance in a survival situation.
  • First Aid. Building of stretchers using natural elements and others.
  • Signaling. Construction of diurnal, nocturnal ground-air signal areas and other ways.
  • Shelters. Construction of individual and group shelters using natural resources.
  • Water. Obtainment, methods of cleaning and rationing.
  • Food. Obtainment of food from the wilderness and rule of edibility. Cares.
  • Fire. Primitive and other methods to obtain and keep fire using natural means and others.
  • Traps. Construction of some types to be used before any true survival situation.
  • Knots. Basic knots and harnesses to be used in an emergency.
  • Backpack of emergency. Construction using natural elements and others.
  • Orientation and crossing. Spatial location of the cardinal points in the nature. Practice on diurnal and nocturnal crossing in woodland using techniques of basic orientation by using instrumental means (compasses and topographic map) and by diurnal and nocturnal natural means.
  • Bow and arrow. Construction using natural elements and others and way of using them.
  • Spears. Building with natural elements and others and way of using.
  • Others.                                         
Satellite photo of the area where the practice will take place

Curso Supervivencia, Orientacion y GPS Northlatitude