In NORTHLATITUDE we offer you the opportunity to design tailored courses according to your needs, particularly to teach them aimed for groups of persons who live in locations situated far away from our Center located in the Capital Federal. The places where we offer you to provide them can be within the Buenos Aires province but in places located far away from our Center of Capital, in other provinces or countries being that to date we taught seventeen (17) course of wilderness Survival and Orientation in some provinces or Argentina as well as two (2) courses international courses in Colombia and Ecuador.
In order to do that, we offer you to look for the best solution together in order you can be trained wherever you want because we already have the human resource, logistic, necessary experience and national and international recognition to move to meet your expectations
You only need to contact us because we will waiting for you. You can send us e-mail to info@northlatitude.com.ar or reach us to the following phone numbers: line (011) 20953882 or cell with whatsapp included to (011) 1535059141.


Curso Supervivencia, Orientacion y GPS Northlatitude