NORTHLATITUDE is pleased to tell you that on June 1, 2020, me as Director of Northlatitude, Survival Instructor and Technical Advisor of DISCOVERY CHANNEL in the years 2015, 2017 AND 2018, Survival, Search and Tracing Instructor of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO International School (professional registrations EIDG009AE and EIDG009AE), recognized as “Honorary Cause” Instructor by S.I.W.A. (Survival Instructors World Association) of the United States and Spain and Military Personnel (R) of the Argentine Air Force, that I have been certified and recognized as International Instructor of Survival Instructors. Being my person instructor of that school of Colombia as Instructor and Delegation in Argentina as representative of it, I wish to extend my deep thanks to the academic authorities comprised by its Director, Mr. Juan Pablo Campo Gomez and Sub Academic Director, Ms. Cindy Carolina Urueta Tuiran.

I would also like to reflect my appreciation for this own achievement that I made with great effort and dedication, to those with whom we made several teams, including my military and civilian instructors, military comrades of the glorious Argentine Air Force (as Mario "dog" Rodriguez -ex GOE- of the A.A.F, Ceferino Baez -ex GOE- of the A.A.F, Cesar Andrea -ex ECCO- of the A.A.F, Pablo Aguilar Huergo, friend, University classmate and teacher of Cartography and Orientation, Ruben Yorio, Director of U.A.S.O., students of our courses, friends, family and those who trained me with professional silence. Likewise, I dedicate it in honor to my mother Zulma Gladys Esquivel, my maternal grandparents Pedro Angel Esquivel and Clara Yannonne, my father Oscar (Q.E.P.D), my brother Sergio Christian F. Esquivel (Q.E.P.D), my comrades and friends, Dulio Godoy and Franco Robles Dufour.


Curso Supervivencia, Orientacion y GPS Northlatitude