Gabriel Esquivel in the internacional film

From the small screen of the television after having appeared in some local TV programmes in the channels of America, 13, 11 TELEFE, 7 and 2 C.A.B.A., this time I was called to play a role in the big screen of the international theater to teach some wilderness survival techniques for the “PARABELLUM” film. The time passed and in the year 2015 the film was released at the Mar del Plata city festival in Buenos Aires and after it, the next year precisely it was released in the Capital Federal. This movie plot was about possible events related with apocalyptic events of the world´s end and the human survival in a situation of this characteristics. The movie Director is the Austrian Lukas Valenta Rinner and he chose me in Argentine to participate in this film which has been released in 40 international festivals. My thanks to the Director, producer staffs, actors and assistant for the kind and close friendship given and well, you are invited to see some pictures of this film.

On the set on an island located in Tigre, Buenos Aires province (Argentina)
    Advertising of the PARABELLUM film
    Coming ouf from the swamp
    El equipo de filmación
    Scene of my first appearance in the film
    In the presentation of the PARABELLUM film at the Gaumont theater in the Capital Federal
    Director, producers, actors, actresses and other members of the film before its release
    Beginning of the PARABELLUM film
    Coming out from the swamp, ready to explain some basic techniques of survival
    Getting ready to enter in the swamp
    Producers, actresses and actores of the film during a break
    End of the film where appear my names and role I played in the film
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