NORTHLATITUDE offers you the opportunity to give videoconferences in Spanish and English language in Argentina in related issues to talks regarding to survival and orientation techniques as follow:

  • Talks oriented to specific Groups, Schools, Universities, national and international Consultants Firms, Companies, Armed Forces, Security Forces or other institutions of Argentina or abroad.
  • Theoretical classes to students of survival courses (not orientation) residing at far distances from our center located in Buenos Aires, Palermo (C.A.B.A) or other provinces of Argentina.
  • Theoretical survival classes to students who wish to participate in this particular moment that we are under the quarantine time being that we also inform you that once they finish the virtual theoretical class, they will have to attend the theoretical class again in the classroom when the social meetings are allowed once the quarantine ends, being that in the on-site class they will also receive a class of notions of First Aid for wild areas.

Pictures of the theoretical class of the Survival course given to the Business Press Consulting Firm.


Curso Supervivencia, Orientacion y GPS Northlatitude