New place of meeting to register in courses

NORTHLATITUDE informs that from January 2018, the new place chosen for the meetings in view of previous meeting and registration of the courses (where those interested will be given a previous talk) will be held at the "LA OPERA" confiteria, located in the corner of the Corrientes and Callao avenues (Capital Federal).

New classroom for theoretical classes

NORTHLATITUDE informs you that from April 2017 began its activities for the teaching of the courses in the Nunez neighbourhood- Capital Federal. In order to reach us to attend the theoretical classes of the "WILDERNES SURVIVAL" and the "ORIENTATION, LAND NAVIGATION and GPS" courses is as follow:

  • Five blocks from the Libertador Avenue.
  • Three blocks from the Nuñez train station of the "Tigre" line.
  • Eight blocks from the Congreso the Tucuman subway of the "D" line .
  • Around six blocks from the metrobus that travels on the Cabildo Avenue.


Curso Supervivencia, Orientacion y GPS Northlatitude