Legal aspects

NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N.) www.northlatitude.com.ar is registered at the I.N.P.I. (National Institute of Industrial Property), subscribed in the A.F.I.P. (Federal Association of Public Incomes) and registered in the General Direction of NIC Argentina Domains. Copyright 2005-2019.

The courses we teach are endorsed by NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N) of Argentina and the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO international school and EMERHUIL ASSOCIATION, both from Colombia, identified under the NIT 900865308- of the Ministry of Education of Neiva, fulfilling with the requirements established in the Article 5.8 of the Decree 4904 of the year 2009 and Article 64 of the Municipal Decree 870 of the year 2011. Gabriel Esquivel, Director of NORTHLATITUDE has the license of survival international instructor EIDG009AE of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO School of Colombia.

Course certifications

The certifications that NORTHLATITUDE offers about the Survival, Orientation and Multiadventure courses have a national validity and those students who wish their certifications also have an international validity by means of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO International School and the EMERHUIL ASSOCITION, both from Colombia where NORTHLATITUDE has an agreement and its Director is international instructor of both, you must pay an amount of 10% more apart from the course value. That amount which will be sent to the aforementioned Association, will allow you to join a virtual platform of the aforementioned School and Association where each student will receive an access code for the https://emerhuil.wixsite.com/emerhuil site in order to verify their personal information where also, the certificate to be given will appear the international validity of it.

Honorable Mentions

Students who have successfully ended and completed three (3) Northatltude courses (Survival, Orientation and/or Multi-Adventure) at any of the levels of each, will get an HONOR MENTION by virtue of the effort and learning made, as has already been the case with some of our students.

International awards obtained from the United States, Spain, Colombia and Costa Rica.

United States and Spain

The Director of NORTHLATITUDE has been recognized as “Honorary Cause” Survival Instructor by S.I.W.A., which is the Survival Instructor Worlds Association based in Lakeland, Florida, United States and Spain, Association accompanied by Survivors that is recognized by the U.N. (United Nations Organization). In this way, he is the first professional citizen of Argentina who was awarded with this recognition through the documentation that accredits it who to achieve it, he submitted various training certificates, including one as survival instructor. Professional license of S.I.W.A. instructor: IHC056, valid since June of 2018, being that he doesn´t teach or certify courses for that Association for self-will, he keeps that recognition given in public way.


The Director of NORTHLATITUDE fulfilled the academic objectives for which he obtained For which he obtained the certification as Survival Instructor for wilderness areas by the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO (DRAGONS OF THE GULF) Colombian International School, under Register in the Article 5.8 of the Decree 4904 of the Education Low of Colombia. Professional registration as instructor: EIDG009AE, valid since the month of March, 2019.

Costa Rica

The Director of NORTHLATITUDE has been accredited as associated instructor of I.A.S.A (International Association of Adventure and Survival) of Costa Rica, on March of 2019 and later on, on June 21 he required not to be more instructor of I.A.S.A. for which his requirement was granted. My thank to its Director.

New place for courses regristration

NORTHLATITUDE is pleased to inform you that the new meeting point where the previous meeting and registration of the courses will be carried out (place at where the instructors offer further details about the course to be given), will be held at “LA OPERA” restaurant which is located at the corner of the Corrientes Avenue and Callao Avenues (Capital Federal), just a few blocks from the Buenos Aires city Obelisk. This meeting is free, there is no charge to be paid by you.

Places of the theoretical classes

The theoretical classes on ORIENTATION and GPS, SURVIVAL of any level or the MULTIADVENTURE (which includes the joint activities of the Skydiving + Survival + First Aid + Orientation), will be carried out in our head offices located in the residential neighborhood of Palermo, at one block of the Planetary of the Buenos Aires city, Cap. Fed., and in the Nunez neighborhood, Cap. Fed. The theoretical on Survival will finally be comprised by a teaching of five (5) hours on Survival techniques, following with two (2) hours of theory/practice on First Aid, being a full class of seven (7) hours which include intermediate breaks.


Curso Supervivencia, Orientacion y GPS Northlatitude