Since fifteen (15) years, NORTHLATITUDE has been permanently teaching courses in Argentina and other countries being that during the years 2015, 2017 and 2018 we have been chosen four (4) times as Survival instructors in Argentina by the DISCOVERY CHANNEL International Network and also, we have been chosen by national and international companies to train in our country and abroad. For example, we were chosen by the SAFARI LEADER CAMP Company of Ecuador to teach an international course of survival in jungle area in 2017 and for the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO Company of Colombia to teach a course in a semiarid area of Desert in 2019, both for having being Discovery instructors. Likewise, as Director of NORTHLATITUDE, in the year 2018 I traveled to the United States to be trained in an international survival course taught in a woodland area, course which was given by the BYRONKERNSSURVIVAL Company, managed by a former survival (S.E.R.E) –Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape- instructor of the Air Force and Navy Seal teams of North America. In addition, I must add my education as Military personnel of the Argentine Air Force since the year 1984, where later on in the year 2003 I attended a General Survival course at the III Air Brigade located in Reconquista, Santa Fe province, Argentina.

In the year 2018, S.I.W.A., the SURVIVAL INSTRUCTORS WORLD ASSOCIATION based in Lakeland, Florida, United States and Spain, awarded me a worldwide recognition as “Honorary Cause” Survival Instructor, being myself the first professional and military citizen of Argentina who obtained a certificate and credential of instructor that in order to get it, I had to present diverse certificates of training, including one of the survival instructor. Professional license of S.I.W.A. instructor: IHC056, valid since June of 2018 that being I don`t certificate course for that Association for own decision where I noticed the S.I.W.A. managers the professional reasons for which I considered not certifying courses and be part of their staff, I still keep that recognition given in a public way. Anyway, my thanks to the aforementioned Managers.



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