Way to access to our classroom located in the Nunez city (C.A.B.A.)

The classroom of our center of education NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N.) where we teach the courses of wilderness Survival, Orientation and Multiadventure and others is located in the Nunez city, Capital Federal, in the Buenos Aires province, Argentina, South America continent. The address will given to all those who suscribe to our courses and as a reference you will be provided some know places located next to it:

  • Five blocks away from the Libertador Avenue.
  • Three blocks away from the Nunez, "Tigre" line, train station.
  • Eigh blocks away from the "Congreso de Tucuman", line "D", subway station.
  • Six blocks away from the metrobus which pass by the Cabildo Avenue.
Ways to access to the practices which take place in Ezeiza (Buenos Aires province)

Capital Federal. You must take the Ricchieri freeway which heads right to the International Airport of Ezeiza and after a few minutes’ drive, cross over the “Puente 12” (bridge) over the Camino de Cintura (Route 4) and then, follow around 15 kms. more until getting near of another and last bridge named as “El Trebol” where 200 before crossing it underneath you must turn right and take a street which border the Asociacion de Futbol Argentina (AFA) -Argentine Association Football League- until reaching a route which comes directly from the aforementioned bridge. Once you reach it, turn right and you will find the entrance of the AFA abour 150 meters ahead which is the meeting point. As a reference, in front of its entrance you can see on the other side of the route the Instituto the Formación Ezeiza (I.F.E) –Institute of Ezeiza Formation- which depends on the Argentine Air Force.

Zona Oeste (Western side). You can take the Ricchieri freeway from both sides of the Camino de Cintura, ever heading to the Ezeiza Airport, which leads you to the A.F.A., aforementioned meeting point.

Zona Sur (Southern side). From the 205 national route which comes from the Lobos, Cañuelas and other cities, you can head directly to the "El Trebol" bridge which you must cross over it and 300 mts. ahead you will find the A.F.A. entrance.


Capital Federal. From the intersection of the Independencia and Paseo Colon avenues, you must take the bus number 8 -ex 86-, only the one with a red sign which says "Aeropuerto Ezeiza (Ezeiza Airport)". From there, it takes the extensive Rivadavia Avenue until reaching the Liniers city where it will turn left to follow on the General Paz avenue, then, reach the Ricchieri freeway and from there, right to Ezeiza.
Curso Supervivencia, Orientacion y GPS Northlatitude