NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N) ® Northlatitude Education and Training Argentine Center is a company founded by Gabriel Esquivel, having started its activities in January of the year 2005.

Our mission is to provide an optimum level of academic education so that you can be able to perform yourself in different wild natural environments through a training which includes theoretical support in classroom and training on the ground. Our primary objective is to contribute to an elemental education because we have the human resource comprised by certified professionals highly qualified and recognized in the national and international field, specialized in the teaching of techniques on Survival, Orientation, Land Navigation and GPS, Search and Rescue (SAR), First Aid, Skydiving, Mountaineering, Trekking, Crossing and the Multiadventure. In addition, we offer the opportunity to train you in different places of Argentina and abroad and also to train foreigners in our country because Argentina has an extensive diversity of lands and climates that includes mountains, forests, jungles, glaciers, deserts, seas, rivers and others, which are known by our instructors and in particular by Gabriel who not only has traveled through many known natural places of Argentina and almost integrally in the Argentinian Patagonia if not, he has a solid experience of having taught courses in areas like jungles, forests and mountains located in Buenos Aires, other provinces and lately in Ecuador. The reach of our teaching also includes essential values of friendship, understanding, leadership, achievement of goals and teamwork, being one of our premises the respect and care of the environment.

We are forerunners in Argentina in the teaching of courses in Spanish and English language that by means of a new system of courses designed to be given in both languages, it has allowed to date to train local and foreigners students from several countries and continents and you can educate yourself without distinction of profession. race, age, gender, religion or beliefs.

Gabriel is a Director and Instructor of survival and orientation who also carries out mountaineering and trekking activities and is a Military Staff (R) of the Argentine Air Force who after of being on active duty for over 21 years specialized in Systems, Computer science, English language and in a General Survival course he attended in the III Air Brigade based in Reconquista, in the Santa Fe province, it was through NORTHLATITUDE that allowed him to obtain an international recognition in four opportunities by the DISCOVERY CHANNEL television network as instructor of Survival in Argentina for the DISCOVERY CHALLENGE Mexico 2015, DISCOVERY WHAT ON EARTH Argentina 2017, as adviser on survival techniques for a DISCOVERY production released on Channel 11 TELEFE of Argentina 2017 and for the DISCOVERY Extreme Nature 2018 as assistant of the actor Federico Amador. Lately he was one of the invited instructors of the BLACK BEAR "I" JUNGLE survival international course given in Ecuador as also he was distinguished as “Honorary Cause” Survival Instructor by S.I.W.A., the International Association of Instructors of Survival based in Lakeland, Florida, United States. In the year 2018 he traveled to Atlanta and Florida, United States, to get trained in an international survival course taught by Byron Kerns, former S.E.R.E. (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) of the Air Force based in Washington and of the Navy Seals teams, among others. He also was professor of the survival matter at a well-known school of Mountaineering of Buenos Aires as well as he played as instructor in the PARABELLUM Austrian International Survival film presented in 40 international film festivals. Lately, on his trip to the United States, he visited the Kennedy Space Center (N.A.S.A) where he lunched with the former astronaut engineer Edward Gibson of the SKYLAB 4 space mission, whom he asked him topics related with the "Survival" and "Orientation" of the Astronauts in the outer space.

Therefore, all that knowledge collected through years of training and experience gathered by him together with his staff of instructors, will be passed to you by means of the teaching.

Courses payment system. Cash (you must make a down payment during the previous meeting/enrollment and the rest must be paid at the beginning of the theoretical or practice class and also, you can pay by Mercado Pago.

Course teaching system. We are located in the city of Nunez, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal and also, we offer to train you in other places in Argentina or countries, being that we already taught seventeen courses in differents Argentine provinces as well as abroad and for this, we have the experience, the human resource and logistic to move to where you need to train you.

Gabriel Esquivel - Director General Coordinator

NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N) - Nunez (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires)
phone line (0054) 11 2095-3882 and mobile/whatsapp (0054) 11 (15) 35059141 - Argentina - info@northlatitude.com.ar

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