My name is Gabriel Esquivel, I am Founder, Director and Instructor of courses at Northlatitude (known as "White bear)". I was born and live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in this way I welcome you to NORTHLATITUDE C.A.C.E.N. (Northlatitude Argentine Center of Education and Training), which I designed with the aim to provide you a teaching of national and international coverage from which the Survival and Orientation courses I offer the opportunity to teach them integrally in English language in our country and abroad. Our Center is comprised by a group of instructors where I primary function is to provide you the necessary knowledge with respect to the wild Survival, Orientation, Land Navigation and GPS with Cartography, Skydiving, Search and Rescue (SAR), First Aid, Mountaineering, Trekking and a combination of activities known as Multiadventure.

NORTHLATITUDE begun its activities in January 5, 2005, historic day because it was the date of the first course I taught on Orientation and Land navigation. This concretion of Northlatitude was previously originated as my own personal project which I`d begun to devise during the year 2003, being that it precedes that from the year 1998 I had started my first steps in the gradual training of the mountaineering and trekking of middle and high mountain after having dedicated many years of study to first, join and get my promotion as Military Personnel in the Argentine Air Force since the year 1984, specialized in Computing and Statistics which is related with Systems where I also carried out attached activities in the Air Traffic Control as professor at the ACC Ezeiza (Area Center Control) and in the National Plan or Radars. Likewise, in a parallel way of my aeronautic profession, I used to be student in a University to get a degree as Master in Computing, study I couldn`t finish, later on as Superior Technician in System Analysis in a tertiary institute, English language, several courses of Management of Persons and Human Groups, Tourism guide, National and International Geopolitics, National Defense, Survival, Mountaineering, First Aid, Orientation, Land Navigation and GPS where I also got some diplomas and honor mentions, among others.

Through the time I carried out activities in the outdoor in which I have begun, I visited diverse wild mid environments of mountains in some provinces of our country which included glacier areas, trekking trails and inland waters, traveling by lakes, rivers and other glaciers from our Argentine Patagonia where I had the opportunity to know most of it best, beautiful and landscapes places. Besides, to achieve it of starting to educate persons through Northlatitude, I took as reference two positive facts that I considered meaningful: one was the good professional example of Daniel Esquivel, my uncle-cousin who had been an argentine skydiver and gained several national and international championships that also, back in the year 1974 had achieved to be world champion of parachuting in altitude along with his skydivers friend. The second fact was to take as valid, the antecedent of my military training in the Argentine Air Force where from that time I met comrades, true Commandos of the Special Forces, experts in wild Survival, Orientation, Skydiving, Rescue, Mountaineering, Diving, among others, being that with the pass of the time some of them used to be my instructors in some of the courses I attended on the Survival matter. Since my childhood I grew up, was educated and studied in three cities which used to be defining my personality, cities like El Palomar, Haedo and Ramos Mejia, all of them located in Buenos Aires where I must add that I grew up in a family comprised by my biological father who was a military personnel of the Argentine Air Force, born in the Diamante city, in the province of Entre Ríos and my biological mother Zulma Gladys Esquivel who had grown up in a family of industrials where from both of them I received the best education and values of example related with the study, work, sacrifice, effort, among others. Following with the family line, I ever remember the special affection of education, advices and love given by my grandparents by my mother side, Pedro Angel Esquivel and Clara Yannone from the city of Casilda, located in the Santa Fe province that with the years they moved out to live in the city of Ramos Mejia, the city of my mother, aunts and grandparents. Also my affections to my uncles-cousins of blood, Rene Esquivel and sons, Daniel Esquivel (RIP) and sons and Omar Esquivel, my grandmother aunt Chiquita de Benbenga, her husband and my uncle and my Godmother Nene.

Also, I am nephew-cousin on my mother`s side of the Prince Pedro Giannone Ischitella and former priest of Italy (with access to the Vatican), who currently lives in Brussels, Belgium, with authentic archive documents that date back from the years 1200 and 1800 and therefore, I am of noble origin being one of the last descendants of the Giannone family from Majoribus, Nobles Patricios of Bitonto, Barons of Loseto, Palatine of Acri Counts, who come of the ancient and noble Caracciolo family, descendants of the dynasty of the Cumas. This is part of the context of information about the biological and cultural roots of my ancestors and my current family being that while the government does not officially recognize that an Argentine citizen is noble or recognized as such, they don´t intervene in the private sphere and therefore, we belong in the private world.

With the years, those who are part of NORTHLATITUDE not only gradually grew up and built in the time if not, we have had the pleasure of being chosen in the education and training mostly by students of Buenos Aires and Capital Federal, also of some provinces of our country as well as from other countries of South America, Central America, North America and Europe, among them, by schools, scouts groups, national and international companies, civilian, military and security institutions, international consultancy firms, etc and, we have also been chosen by companies from Ecuador and Colombia to teach courses in those countries. The local and international merit and recognition we have obtained through the time is due to the teamwork and optimal communication held between who are part of the staff of Northlatitude.

And what I consider more important is the countless presence of students who chose to be trained by us and for that, our thank because they belong to a group of former participants and current members of the family of Northlatitude who not only learnt from our teaching if not we also learnt from them in what concern to their personal values to have been part and behave as true members of the same team to arrive to diverse objective when they were students.

NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N) - Núñez (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires)
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