My presentation

I am Gabriel Esquivel, Founder, Director and Instructor of courses I teach through NORTHLATITUDE C.A.C.E.N., which is the National and International Argentine Center of Education and Training, having taught my first course in Argentina in January of the year 2005. I was born in C.A.B.A (Autonomous City of the Buenos Aires) and I welcome you to this Center which I designed with the aim of providing teachings at national and international range by means of the trainings I give in Spanish and English language in our country and abroad. Northlatitude is comprised by a group of instructors, civilian and (R) professional militaries of the Argentina Air Force and our mission is to offer you a comprehensive education of quality in Argentina and other countries in order you can meet your expectations because we have the ideal human and professional resources to carry them out by means of the teaching of courses in diverse levels about "SURVIVAL for EXTREME AREAS with notions of First Aid, Orientation and Land Navigation", "ORIENTATION, LAND NAVIGATION and GPS with CARTOGRAPHY", SEARCH and RESCUE (SAR)", "MOUNTAINEERING and TREKKING" and a combination of activities known as the "MULTIADVENTURE" which involves the Skydiving + Survival + First Aid + Orientation (with regard to First Aid, it is taught as notions within the Survival courses, not in the formality of courses), which we teach in wild and hostile terrains like jungles, forests, deserts, islands, mountains, etc. at any time of the year and climate, being that in addition, some of us are mountaineers. We have professional experience to provide our knowledge being that through the regular courses we teach, we offer to design them according to your needs, designed for groups or individuals.

I am military personnel of the Argentine Air Force since 1984, currently (R) with the rank of Technical Sergeant and I belong to the XXIV Promotion of the former E.S.F.A.E, having carried out numerous trainings while I was on active duty in the military as English language, Computing skills, Human Groups Managing, Modern Oratory, Politic Influences of the United States and South America, International and Argentine Geopolitics, Evolution and Development of the Modern Military History, Diplomatic, Official and Ceremonial Protocol in the Public Relationships, National Defense, Philosophy, Drawing, Survival, Orientation, Mountaineering, Trekking and Crossing, First Aid, among others. My specialty in the Air Force is Systems, Computing and Statistics, having been assigned after getting mi promotion to the former VII Air Brigade of helicopters located in the Moron city and later, assigned to the Condor Building based in the General Staff in Chief of the Argentine Air Force (GSCAAF), Operational Computing Direction (an annex of electronic warfare), General Direction of Investigation and Development, National Plan of Radars where during two months I was professor of a flight plan control system at the A.C.C (Air Control Center) located in the Ezeiza Airport, Direction of Personnel and Direction of Communications (D.I.C.O.M). Besides, I participated in the design of basic graphics of consoles for the National Air Traffic Control. In the years 1996 and 1996 I also studied Computing Sciences in a known private University of the Buenos Aires city where early in 1998 as I didn`t receive a half scholarship to follow my studies, I decided to change books for travels in order to know the nature.

By virtue of this, from that year I gradually started my activities in the mountaineering and trekking, having carried out expeditions in areas of the Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Neuquen and Cordoba provinces, where I toured beautiful places in the Argentine Patagonia which included some trekking circuits, crossings on glaciers such as the Perito Moreno, Torres hill and Martial and approaches to others, etc. As far as the mountaineering is concerned, I only could reach very few summits, the highest one I reached was the Vallecitos hill of 5,470 m.a.s.l (Meters Above Sea Level) on January 17 of the year 2003 although I could carry out many trekkings. Also, one of the reasons why I decided to join the world of mountaineering was because I previously planned to attend a course to become a professional skydiver like my uncle-cousin Daniel Esquivel (Q.E.P.D) but as in view of my economic situation it was impossible to do it, I managed the way to carrying something on my back, that is, as the skydivers carry their container (backpack) that houses two parachutes, the main one and one more of reserve or emergency, I looked for the way to carry something on my back and found it in a mountain backpack. These experiences, added to the fact that in 1999 I had already got a certification as survival instructor in Argentina, it originated a project that over time grew through the optimization of personal and professional technical resources to provide a best teaching until becoming what NORTHLATITUDE is today. The effort I have been making has allowed me to obtain a great national and international prestige and recognition, for example, for having been selected during for (4) periods in the years 2015, 2017 and 2018 by the international network DISCOVERY CHANNEL as survival instructor and technical advisor in Argentina for some international television programmes, among other achievements such as participating as survival instructor in the international cinema, precisely for the PARABELLUM film directed by an Austrian filmmaker, movie which was presented in 40 international cinema festivals, including the Mar del Plata cinema Festival held in Buenos Aires.

There were two reasons what motivated that begin this, in part I took as a reference two good examples, firstly from my mother's cousin and my uncle-cousin Daniel Esquivel (R.I.P), who in the year 1974 was a world champion of skydiving at height with many national and international achievements obtained, added his quality as a good person and secondly, my military training I had in the Argentine Air Force, where after getting my military promotion I was assigned to the former VII Air Brigade of Moron in Buenos Aires where there I met many comrades, true expert commandos of the Special Forces, some of them VGM (Veterans of the Falklands War) as well as other specialties, very professional people.

About my family background, I was born in the Central Aeronautical Hospital of the Argentine Air Force in C.A.B.A (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires), I grew up, studied and was educated in three cities of the Buenos Aires province that progressively formed my growth since I was younger, and I mean El Palomar, Haedo and Ramos Mejia cities, all of them located in Buenos Aires (I studied the primary school at the Sagrado Corazon de Jesus EMAUS school, considered at that time one of the best schools of Buenos Aires) where in the 90s I lived for a few years in Palermo (C.A.B.A), in front of the Lawn Tennis Club. I grew up in a family formed by my father Oscar who was a military personnel of the Argentine Air Force, born in the Diamante city, province of Entre Rios and my mother Zulma Gladys Esquivel, born in the Casilda city, province of Santa Fe, educated later on in the city of Ramos Mejia, who had been educated in a family of industrialists where she, her three children to whom she gave birth, I mean myself and my younger brothers, Sergio Christian (R.I.P) and Claudio, received the best education, love and values of example with respect the study, work, sacrifice, effort, humility, etc., because since we were very young, she continuously told us with an immense love about how her father, my grandfather, his uncles, my uncle-grandfathers and her cousins, my uncle-cousins, how they worked tirelessly ever working and looking for the way to create, elaborate, improve and optimize resources in order to offer the best product they used to sell. Over the years, with too much sacrifice they achieved to be positioned as leaders in the market that they were part of.

Part of it is the family, cultural and hereditary biological guidelines that we follow or at least, I follow as a son, grandson and nephew. I always remember the particular affection of education, advice and love received by my maternal grandparents, Pedro Angel Esquivel and Clara Yannone from the city of Casilda in the province of Santa Fe, who over the years lived in the city of Ramos Mejia (where my parents got married), the city of my mother, aunts and grandparents. Also my affections to my biological uncles-cousins, Rene Esquivel and his children, Daniel Esquivel (Q.E.P.D) and his children and Omar Esquivel, my uncle-grandparents Chiquita de Benbenga and Pepe and, my godmother Nene.

I am a nephew-cousin by my mother's side, of the Prince Pedro Giannone Ischitella, former priest in Italy (who had access to the Vatican), who resides in Brussels, Belgium and who with authentic documents from archives of the years 1200 and 1800, accredit us to be of noble origin for being one of the last descendants of the Giannone family of Majoribus, Noble Patricians of Bitonto, Barons of Loseto, Counts Palatine of Acri, out of the ancient and very noble Caracciolo family, descendants of the dynasty of the Cumas. This is part of the context of information of the biological-cultural roots of my ancestors and my current family being that although the government does not officially recognize that an Argentine citizen is noble or recognized as such, the government can´t intervene in the private sphere to which we belong.

Over the years, NORTHLATITUDE has been growing gradually being that we were selected to train students from Buenos Aires, C.A.B.A (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires) and other provinces of Argentina as well as from other countries located in South America, Central America, North America and Europe, among them, schools, scout groups, national and international companies,  civil, military and security institutions, international consultants, TED conferences, etc., as well as we were chosen by companies, schools and international institutions from Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru to provide training in terrains of jungle, desert and other wild areas of those countries that includes a survival course I attended in the United States.


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