Course designed to provide knowledge on orientation and land navigation techniques which basically involves the use of compasses, GPS satellite navigators and map reading, in order you can be able to design your own journey through the study and analysis of the information provided on a map with the terrain and its features. Therefore, from the beginning you will understand the importance of the cartography to follow with other issues related with the course, focused to the application of techniques and proceedings to be fully made in diverse environments of mountains, hills, deserts, jungles, woodlands and others, ever in accordance with the outdoor activities you carry out as the mountaineering, trekking, adventure races, competitions on orientation and others alike.

Among those skills to be performed is to make calculations to know your position on the topographic map and on the terrain, situation which will allow you to know where you are located on, where to go and chose the most suitable way to follow in your journey where for it you will need to know features and altitudes of the terrain by reading the topographic information, contour lines, etc, being that the idea is to know distances, estimate times where to do it, you must navigate following bearings with your compass and also, using a GPS satellite receiver. Under completion of the training, it is probable you can experience a change of vision and perspective because you will be able to evaluate the importance of having learnt techniques to be oriented in the nature because it will be on your own benefit when you decide to join natural environments. In the theoretical classes you will be required about the gear you need to carry to the practice of the course (indicated below) because we will ask you the basic as your own clothing, footwear, a backpack and other items of importance you need to train in a diurnal and nocturnal crossing to be made in a woodland area.

During the practice of the course in the outdoor you will carry out your first crossing in a private area covered by woodland and it will mean your first experience to acquire your first skills in the aforementioned techniques by using the compass, GPS satellite navigator and maps together, which includes previous exercise to be made on sheets and topographic maps at scales 1:25.000 and 1:50.000.

Benefits to be trained in orientation

It is the first technical/practical experience and knowledge you will get because it is precisely in the nature where you will learn how to perform yourself by using compasses, topographic maps and GPS satellite navigators where through the time, to more the practice, the more the experience you will get along with the domain and reliability acquired in the practice of orientation skills. Among those who were trained by us were adventurers, mountaineers, mountain guides, mountain climbers, professors and students of physical education, among others. We understand that those adventure race runners who were our students of orientation that later one they participated in several competitions as La Mision, Orientatlones and others, the techniques they had learned with us were very useful to apply them and obtain the first positions on those outdoor events as happened with the adventure race runners of the Quilmes Way team in La Mision 2006 and other Orientatlons.


To provide you with a teaching based on a high academic level of international quality according to your needs and therefore, we have the ideal human and professional resources to fulfill your requirements because since January of the year 2005 we have started our activities in the teaching of courses in Argentina and other countries, in natural lands of jungle, marginal jungle, woodland, mountain, desert, islands and others, being that in addition, some members of our staff are mountaineers. We have professional experience to provide you with our expertises.

Scheduling activities

Previous meeting and registration in Microcentro (C.A.B.A)

Will be held at "La Opera" restaurant, located in the Corrientes and Callao avenues (C.A.B.A). To get registered you must leave a down payment to reserve a place. If you would like to register and can`t assist that day to the meeting for any reason, you must e-mail us to info@northlatitude.com.ar or make a phone call us in order we can provide you with a bank account to make a transfer. This meeting is free and will last around 30 minutes. Line phone  (011)20953883 and cell phone (011)1535059141.

The orientation class will be taught by Gabriel Esquivel, Director of NORTHLATITUDE of Argentine, four times survival instructor and technical advisor of the DISCOVERY CHANNEL international network in the years 2015, 2017 and 2018, international instructor of survival instructors of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO International School, instructor of survival instructors of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO international school of Colombia, Instructor of Survival, Search and Tracing of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO international school of Colombia, Military Personnel (R) of the Argentine Air Force and Mountaineer.

Classroom (1st. Theoretical) in Palermo (CABA) – first Saturday.

This first class will be held in our classroom located at 100 mts. away from the Planetary of the Buenos Aires city where each student will receive a course handbook of 140 pages with updated bibliography. During the class will be some breaks in order you can take a rest, drink and eat. In the classroom there are water battles as well as a restaurant and restroom.

Classroom (2nd. Theoretical) in Palermo (CABA) – second Saturday.

This second class will be held in the same classroom located at 100 mts. Away from the Planetary of the Buenos Aires city where there will be breaks in order you can rest, drink and eat. In the classroom there are water battles as well, restaurant and restroom.

Practice in terrains of Ezeiza (Buenos Aires) - Sunday.

This training will be held in a private area covered mostly by woodland and is located in a private Recreative/Sporting Center named “Pucara XIII”, located at 5 kms. away from the A.F.A. (Association of Argentine Football). During this class you will make exercises on topographic maps at scales 1:25.000 and 1:50.000 and once you finish it, you will begin training on the ground by applying techniques on orientation and land navigation which includes a crossing using compasses, GPS satellite navigators and a topographic map. The time to lunch will of one hour and you can eat at a restaurant located there or you can carry your own food.

Synthesy of the theoretical-practical activities of the course

  • Orientation – Positioning - Direction
  • Cardinal points. Spatial geographic location (on the terrain and on the map) about the North, East, South and West points.
  • Topographic maps and satellite image maps. Introduction, objetives and differences.
  • Cartography. Basic and technical definitions and how to build a topographic map at scales 1:25.000, 1:50.000 and others – Geographical coordinates – Location of a point on the map and on the terrain. 
  • Orientation and Land Navigation. Basic definitions and applications by means of artificial, natural, diurnal and nocturnal methods on the terrain – Methods of orientation.
  • Topography. Study of the terrain about its physical features by means of the information of the Planimetry (relief of the terrain) and Altimetry (knowledge of the diverse altitudes through the contour levels) on the topography map – Study of the terrain about the diversity as plain, mountains, hills, jungles, deserts, glaciers and others - Objetives and subjetives dangers to take into account when you begin a journey – Difference and application of plane and true distances.
  • Planimetry. Definition – Equidistance – Formulas – Distance on the map and on the terrain – Manual ways to determine distances on the map – Measuring instruments on a map – Geographical and polar coordinates – How to determine the coordinates of a point.
  • Altimetry. Definition – Systems of altimetry projection – Contour levels – Study of slopes – Configuration of the terrain – Mathematic theorem to know true distances on terrains of mountains.
  • Contour levels. Study of the relief and altitudes (elevation height) on mountain terrains or others alike – Importance of the contour lines to know altitudes on the terrain – Exercise to identify a terrain.
  • Positioning. How to calculate your own geographic position on the map and on the terrain by applying diverse systems of triangulation –intersection-, among others.
  • Diagram of Land Navigation. How to design a Diagram of Land Navigation (DLN) on the map in order you can carried it out in a journey on the terrain.
  • Distances and time of walking. Knowledge you need to know to calculate distances and times of walking in several terrains (methods of simple and double steps).
  • Compass. Introduction about some types of compasses –cartographic and lensatic-, structure, ways of use for orientation, mark bearings and follow directions on the terrain, among others – Cares on the terrain – How a navigator must use the compass – Appropriated types and models for the navigation in the outdoor.
  • Altimeter. Introduction and it use on the terrain.
  • GPS Satellite Navigator. Definition – What´s a GPS and how it is composed of – GPS Constellation and its functioning – Importance of the combined use of the GPS satellite navigator with compass and topographic map during a navigation and without these elements – Architecture of the GPS system, basic ways of its use, design of routs by means of recording waypoints as much as on the terrain (on site) as by making calculation of the geographic coordinates of longitude and latitude (remote way) – How the GPS locate your own location on the ground – Importance of the use of the GPS in the Diagram of Land Navigation (DLN).
  • Topographic map, Compass and GPS. Importance of the combined use of these three elements in order you can make your crossing.
  • Map Source. Basic use of this tool of Garmin to add or update maps in a GPS satellite navigator and to plan a route from a PC, find places of interest, transfer tracks and watch maps from a personal computer.
  • OxiExplorer. Use of this software in the navigation and mapping for Windows as a program to work with GPS navigators.

Program of course

See in our Website in the section "Courses – Courses of Orientation, Land Navigation and GPS".

Price. (to be confirmed)

Way of payment. Cash, transfer by CBU, Mercado Pago, PayPal or Western Union.

his course includes

  • Un (1) manual de curso por participante el cual consta de 140 páginas con material bibliográfico completo y actualizado.
  • Aula para la clase teórica con elementos de ayuda a la Orientación y GPS.
  • Brújulas cartográficas, lensáticas, etc.
  • Cartas topográficas en escalas 1:25.000, 1:50.000, 1:100.000 y otras y mapas de imagen satelital.
  • Navegadores satelitales GPS.
  • Proyector de diapositivas.
  • Elementos de escritura (reglas, transportadores, calculadoras, etc).
  • Ejercicios de clase utilizando cartas topográficas a escala real y hojas de trabajo.
  • Una (1) notebook para usarse con programas interactivos.
  • Terreno agreste de bosque y monte para llevar a cabo las actividades prácticas al aire libre.
  • Botiquín de primeros auxilios.
  • Asistencia personalizada durante todo el curso (teoría y práctica).
  • Ingreso al predio de la práctica.
  • Cobertura de seguro de accidentes para la práctica en el terreno.
  • Un (1) certificado de curso.

    El curso NO SE SUSPENDE POR MAL TIEMPO salvo indicaciones a considerar por el Instructor.


No comprar elementos a utilizar en la práctica como ser brújulas y/ navegadores satelitales GPS, debido a que en la clase teórica recomendaremos que marcas y modelos serán los mas convenientes adquirir y en el caso que tengan brújulas y GPS, pueden llevarlo a la teoría para una evaluación técnica.

Certifications of courses.

Las certificaciones poseen el aval nacional de NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N) y el aval y reconocimiento internacional de la Escuela Internacional Colombiana DRAGONES DEL GOLFO y ASOCIACION EMERHUIL de la cual el Director de NORTHLATITUDE es Instructor de ambas. La escuela internacional DRAGONES DEL GOLFO y ASOCIACION EMERHUIL se encuentran identificadas con el NIT 900865308- de la Secretaría de Educación Municipal de Neiva, cumpliendo con los requisitos establecidos en el Artículo 5.8 del Decreto 4904 de 2009 y en Artículo 64 del Decreto Municipal 870 de 2011 y poseen la licencia 0773-2020.
En los certificados se reflejan los logos de la Escuela Internacional DRAGONES DEL GOLFO de Colombia, el de NORTHLATITUDE de Argentina y los de Gabriel Esquivel, Director de NORTHLATITUDE, con las matrículas de instructor internacional de supervivencia, búsqueda y rastreo EIDG009AE y EIDG005AE. Los certificados serán firmados por Gabriel Esquivel (supervivencia y orientación), como se indica a continuación:

-Director e Instructor de Supervivencia y Orientación de NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N)
-Instructor Internacional de Supervivencia y Asesor Técnico DISCOVERY CHANNEL 2015, 2017 y 2018.
-Instructor de Supervivencia, Búsqueda y Rastreo de la Escuela Internacional DRAGONES DEL GOLFO.

Who can assist.

Quienes deseen instruirse con nosotros y por ello, no existe límite de edad, sexo masculino o femenino, nexo familiar, grupos de amigos, religión, si practica o no actividades deportivas en lugares cerrados o al aire libre, etc. (ver otros requerimientos a continuación). Pueden asistir desde amantes de la naturaleza hasta quienes realizan actividades deportivas como estudiantes de educación física, campamentistas, excursionistas, mochileros, montañistas, trekkers, corredores de carreras de aventuras, ciclistas, pescadores, guías de trekking y alta montaña, guías de turismo, exploradores, investigadores, boy scout, conductores de vehículos 4x4, ingenieros, geólogos, empresas de aerolíneas comerciales, periodistas, corresponsales de guerra, militares de las tres ramas de las Fuerzas Armadas, miembros de las Fuerzas de seguridad, civiles reservistas egresados del secundario de los liceos militares, entre otros.

Requeriments about age.

Menores de dieciocho (18) años de edad deben contar con una autorización firmada por sus padres y/o tutores como asimismo, deben ir acompañados de un mayor de edad quien también debe realizar el curso, donde también deben contar con una autorización firmada por los padres de los menores, autorizándolo a ser su tutor en el curso.

Other requirements.

Lo participantes deben entregarnos un certificado médico constando que poseen buena salud y se encuentran aptos para realizar las actividades del curso de orientación.

Para la clase teórica y práctica llevar birome y/lápiz, calculadora u otros que consideren (anotador no es necesario ya que el manual de curso que se les entregará dispone de suficientes espacios en blanco para escribir.

Ex participants who want to attend this course again.

Ex alumnos que deseen asistir nuevamente al curso, deberán abonarlo mediante un descuento del 10% del precio total.


Para la clase práctica se requiere llevar vestimenta y calzado acorde a la práctica a realizar en terrenos de campo y bosque.

Parking car.

Para la clase teórica, no se dispone de un predio propio de forma que deberá estacionarlo en las cercanías o bien, estacionar los vehículos en cocheras particulares cercanas. Para la clase teórica en Ezeiza, se dispone de estacionamiento privado y no tiene costo.

Ways of access to the theoretical and practice classes.

Ingresar a la sección COMO LLEGAR de nuestra website para mas información.

Those who will join us in the informative meeting and registration must confirm us by e-mail or by phone.

Instructor del curso

Gabriel Esquivel "Oso Blanco".
Instructor Internacional de Supervivencia/Asesor Técnico DISCOVERY CHANNEL 2015, 2017 y 2018 (para los programas de TV Desafío Discovery México, Discovery What On Earth, Discovery Naturaleza Extrema y Discovery Naturaleza Salvaje con el actor Federico Amador).
Instructor de Supervivencia de la escuela internacional DRAGONES DEL GOLFO de Colombia.
Instructor internacional de Supervivencia reconocido "Honoris Causa" por S.I.W.A (Asociación Mundial de Instructores de Supervivencia) de Estados Unidos y España.
Ex Instructor Asociado de I.A.S.A (Asociación Internacional de Aventura y Supervivencia) de Costa Rica.
Instructor de Supervivencia Curso Internacional "BLACK BEAR I" de la empresa SAFARI LEADER CAMP en Jungla de Ecuador (2017).
Instructor de Supervivencia Curso Internacional "DESAFIO SUPERVIVENCIA COLOMBIA" de la empresa DRAGONES DEL GOLFO en Desierto de Colombia (2019).
Instruido en supervivencia en Estados Unidos por un ex instructor S.E.R.E. de la Fuerza Aérea de Estados Unidos, en la escuela BYRON KERNS SURVIVAL (2018).
Instruido en supervivencia general en la III Brigada Aérea de la Fuerza Aérea Argentina (2003).
Conferencista en un seminario de Supervivencia en la Universidad de Corhuila, Colombia.
Almuerzo y entrevista en la N.A.S.A., Estados Unidos con el astronauta ingeniero Edward Gibson de la misión espacial Skylab 4.
Ex profesor de la E.A.A.M. (Escuela Argentina de Actividades de Montaña).
Participante como instructor de supervivencia en el film internacional austríaco PARABELLUM, estrenado en 40 festivales internacionales.
Personal Militar (R) de la Fuerza Aérea Argentina.

Video curso de Orientacióny GPS dictado en Vallecitos - Cordón del Plata - Pcia. de Mendoza

Video curso de Orientación y GPS dictado en Rada Tilly - Pcia. de Chubut - Patagonia Argentina

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Gabriel Esquivel - Director y coordinador general - e-mail: info@northlatitude.com.ar - teléfonos: Línea (011) 2095-3882 - Celular (011) 15-35059141


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