Course designed to provide knowledge in survival techniques to be applied in a situation of being lost at an unexpected time, in remote areas of wild and hostile characteristics, when under that circumstance you cannot receive immediate help from rescue teams or others. To do this, from the beginning you will learn how to design a strategy based on certain procedures on how to organize and design an emergency plan to apply techniques based on the figure of the PENTAGON OF SURVIVAL which includes basically, aspects related to the Psychology of the Survivor, Positive Mental Attitude (P.M.A), Leadership, Teamwork, First Aid, Signaling, Shelter, Water, Food, Fire, Orientation, etc. The trainings begin with a theoretical class comprised of seven (7) hours in the classroom where the participants will receive a bibliographic material composed by a course handbook of 145 pages where you will also have the technical support given by an instructor, blackboard, Survival equipment, Search and Rescue teams (S.A.R), Orientation, a parachute canopy and an audiovisual projector. The practice of the course is developed integrally in an island covered by marginal jungle and woodlad where the participants will start the interaction and adaptation in that natural environment with their own climate, to gradually acquire their first skills through that training, where they need to depend on the group they are part of, to take advantage of the natural resources of the terrain for their own benefit. After the completion of each training, it is likely you can experience a change of vision and perspective because you will be able to evaluate the difference between living in urban areas with its comforts and customs and, how you can survive in the nature with the resources she provides during, two, three, four or more days, depending on the level of course.

Prior to the start of the practice of a course to be carried out in the nature, the participants must carry a personal backpack with some stuffs that will be requested (as indicated below), because they will only need to have their own clothing, footwear, a personal ration of survival (P.R.S.) that we will provide you as well, it is not allowed to carry tents , sleeping bags, canteens or other objects such as cooking pots, because you will learn to boil water and cook food with natural means you will get in the nature, to sleep in survival shelters that you will build with natural resources, etc., because one of the purposes of the training is to simulate being lost and devoid of certain elementary elements that can be obtained in the city and that they are replaced by those resources that you will find in the nature.

Benefits of being trained in survival

Acquire technical knowledge through the experience to get in the field of practice because it is precisely in a hostile terrain where you can learn to interact to adapt to an unknown natural environment. In view of the that, among those who trained at Northlatitude, where those who had been lost and disoriented in mountainous areas, who were injured during a trekking they carried out on hills as other participants chose to train as a way of preparation before undertaking on trips and voyages to a various natural lands in Argentina and abroad, such as in South America, Central America, North America, China, Africa, etc. Others also decided to train themselves before embarking on a kayaking trip along the Amazon River from Brazil to Venezuela, visiting mountains and forest areas of the Patagonia Argentina, Canada, etc., where over time, a group of them who had lost in an extreme area of Canada, efficiently applied some of the techniques learned in our courses.


To provide you with an excellent academic level and international quality training in order you can acquire a comprehensive training for your own benefit of your requirements and therefore we have the ideal human and professional resource to meet their needs because since January 2005 we have started our activities in the teaching of courses in courses in Argentina and other countries in terrains of marginal jungle, mountains, forests, deserts, islands, cold areas, etc., being that in addition, some members of our staff are mountaineers. We have professional experience to provide our knowledge to you..

Scheduling activities

Previous meeting and enrollment in (CABA) Capital Federal – date to be confirmed.

This meeting aims to provide you with general information about the course in a personalized way and will held at “La Opera” restaurant located in the Corrientes and Callao avenues, in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, about 6 blocks away from the Obelisco. For registration, you must pay in cash the whole course or reserve a place by making a down payment and the rest of the money, must be paid at the beginning of the theoretical class. If you can`t assist to this meeting, you must e-mail us to info@northlatitude.com.ar or call us by phone in order to provide you by transfer number, Mercado Pago or other means of payment. This meeting is free and last around 30 minutes time.
Phone numbers to reach us. Line (011)20953883 and cell (011)1535059141

Theory in classroom of Palermo (CABA) - date to be confirmed.

This class last seven (7) hours, five (5) hours aimed for the SURVIVAL for EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS techniques and the last two (2) hours, aimed for the FIRST AID for EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS and will be taught in our classroom located in Palermo (C.A.B.A), Buenos Aires, in 4040 Sarmiento avenue, located at one block away from the planetary of the Buenos Aires city. In the class will be breaks of 10 minutes time each and there are available services as restaurant, restrooms, water dispenser and free parking car.

Training on terrains of Ezeiza (Buenos Aires province) - date to be confirmed.

The training of this course will be given during a three days in a island covered by marginal jungle and woodland located in the Parana de las Palmas island, Escobar, Buenos Aires. Generally, the meeting point is in the city of Escobar, at 9 a.m. The practical activities begin at 10 a.m. of a Friday day and ends at at 3 pm. of the following Sunday, where all will overnight two nights in outdoor survival shelters to be built.

Theoretical-practical Survival Activities (to be taught in classroom and terrain)

  • Organization. Bases of the survival.
  • Planning. Strategy and development.
  • P.M.A. (Positive Mental Attitude). Mind Control and its importance.
  • Psychology of the Survival. Adaptation to the environment and coexistence with a human group.
  • Leadership. Importance of the figure and personality of the leader in the survival.
  • Teamwork. How to behave in an emergency when you are lost in the wilderness in remote areas located far away from the immediate help.
  • Terrains and climates. Different types of terrains to survive in an emergency (woodland, jungle, mountain, desert, cold areas, etc) – Cares.
  • PENTAGON OF SURVIVAL. Its importance in a survival situation.
  • First Aid. See more details below. Building of stretchers with natural elements and others.
  • Signaling. Building of areas with diurnal, nocturnal and other land-air signals.
  • Shelters. Building of individual and group shelters with natural resources.
  • Water. Obtainment, methods of cleaning and rationing.
  • Food. Obtainment of edible food and rule of the edibility. Cares.
  • Fire. Primitive methods and others to obtain and keep the fire with natural means and others.
  • Traps. Building of some types to be used in the event of real situation of survival.
  • Knots. Basic knots and harnesses to be used in an emergency.
  • Backpack of emergency. Building with natural elements and others.
  • Improvised stretchers and transfer. Building of improvised stretchers to move wounded persons.
  • Orientation and crossing. Spatial location of the cardinal points in the nature. Practice of diurnal and nocturnal crossing in woodland areas using techniques of basic orientation by instrumental means (compass and topographic maps) and by diurnal and nocturnal natural means.
  • Bow and arrow. Building with natural elements of the nature and other and practice.
  • Spears. Building with element of the nature and others and practice.
  • Rafts. Building of survival rafts with natural resources.
  • Bridges. Building and crossing of bridges with natural an other elements.

Theoretical and practical activities on First Aid for hostile areas (to be taught only in the classroom)

  • Evaluation of the scene.
  • Biosecurity.
  • Safety.
  • Bleedings.
  • Heat, chemical and electrical burns.
  • Skeletal muscle injury and immobilization.
  • Hypothermia.
  • Diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration.
  • Fainting.

Price. To be confirmed (payments in Dollars, Euros or others).

Way of payment. Cash or transfer by PayPal or Western Union.


This course includes

  • Classroom.
  • One (1) ration of survival per participant.
  • Elements of support to be loan as ponchos, machetes, etc.
  • Parking car.
  • Classroom with Survival, Search and Rescue (SAR) and Orientation.
  • Communication equipment for emergency as cell phones and others.
  • Private area for the practice in the outdoor.
  • Personalized Assistance.
  • Insurance coverage of accidents for the theoretical and practice.
  • One (1) course handbook of 140 pages.
  • One (1) course certificate to be given under completion of the course.

The course IS NOT TO BE POSTPONED BY BAD WEATHER CONDITIONS although, if necessary, it will be postponed to a new date.


We recommend you not to buy stuffs for the practice of the course as survival knives, machetes, fire starters, whistles, compasses and others because in the theoretical class you will receive information and recommendations about which stuffs would be the more convenient to buy and in the case you may have some of them, you can take them to the classes. 

Course certifications

The certifications have the national endorsement of NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N) and the international endorsement and recognition of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO International School of Colombia and the EMERHUIL ASSOCIATION of Colombia of which the Director of NORTHLATITUDE is instructor of both. The DRAGONES DEL GOLFO international school and EMERHUIL ASSOCIATION are identified with the NIT 900865308- of the Secretary of Municipal Education of Neiva, in accordance with the requisites established in the Article 5.8 of the Decree 4904 of the year 2009 and the Article 64 of the Municipal Decree 870 that possess the license 0773-2020.

In the certificates you will find the logos of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO International School of Colombia and of the NORTHLATITUDE of Argentina and others of Gabriel Esquivel as Director of NORTHLATITUDE, which include the licenses of international instructor on survival, search and rescue (EIDG009AE) and (EIDG005AE). The certificates will be signed by Gabriel Esquivel (Survival) and Leonardo Malvasio (First Aid), as indicated below:

Gabriel as
-Director, Survival and Orientation Instructor of NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N).
-International Survival Instructor and Technical Adviser of DISCOVERY CHANNEL 2015, 2017 and 2018.
-Instructor of Survival, Search and Tracing of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO International School.
Leonardo as
-Instructor on First Aid of the Argentine Red Cross.

Who can assist?

There is no limit of ages (about the under age, please, see below).

Requirement about age

Under age of 18 years old who want to attend the course will need a signed authorization by their father´s side or guardian as well as in the case you want to attend the course being under age, you need to be accompanied by an adult who also need a signed authorization by your parents.
Medical certificates

You need to present a medical certificate indicating you are able to attend the course in the outdoor. If you don´t have at the beginning of the course, you won´t be allowed to attend de course.

Requirements for participants

In the case you pay the full amount of the course and only attend the theoretical in the classroom but can´t attend the practice of the course by any reason, to attend the practice in later dates, you must pay the course again.

NOT EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED in this Survival course because this course is a Level I – Basic (for beginners).

Former participants who wish to attend the course again

You should pay it again and as you have attended this course before, you will obtain a 10% percent of discount on the full price.

Clothing and others

For the practice we recommend you to use appropriate clothing and footwear according to the type of terrain of the course (if you have any question, ask us). For the theoretical and practice class you are allowed to carry a pen (annotator is not necessary because the course handbook have available space in order you can make your annotations).

Parking car

For the theoretical class to be held in the Palermo city there is a parking car available and you don´t have to pay more money because the use of the parking is within the price of the course. For the practical class, in front of the Escobar harbor, there are private houses with an extensive property where you can park your car there by paying by day to a very affordable price.

Way of access to the theoretical and practice class.

Enter in the section OUR LOCATION which you can find in our website.

Instructors of the course

Gabriel Esquivel “White Bear”.
International Instructor of Survival/Technical Adviser of DISCOVERY CHANNEL 2015, 2017 and 2018 ((for the TV programs as Mexico Discovery Challenge, Discovery What On Earth, Discovery Extreme Nature and Discovery Wild Nature with the actor Federico Amador)
Instructor of Survival, Search and Tracing of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO international school of Colombia.
International Survival Instructor recognized as “Honorary Cause” by S.I.W.A. (Survival Instructors World Association) of the United States and Spain.
Former survival instructor of I.A.S.A. (International Association of Survival and Adventure) of Costa Rica.
Survival Instructor of the “BLACK BEAR I” international course of the SAFARI LEADER CAMP company, given un Jungle area of Ecuador (2017)
Survival instructor of the “COLOMBIA SURVIVAL CHALLENGE” international course of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO Company, held in the Desert of Tatacoa (2019.
Trained in survival in the United States by an ex S.E.R.E. instructor of the Air Force of the United States, in the BYRON KERNS SURVIVAL school (2018).
Trained in General Survival in the III Air Brigade of the Argentine Air Force (2003).
Speaker in a seminar of Survival given at the University of Corhuila, Colombia.
Lunch and meeting at N.A.S.A. (Kennedy Space Center) in the United States, with the engineer astronaut Edward Gibson of the Skylab 4 space mission.
Ex-professor at the E.A.A.M. (Argentine School of Mountain Activities).
Participant as survival instructor in the PARABELLUM Austrian international film, released in 40 international festivals.
Military Personnel (R) of the Argentine Air Force.

Leonardo Malvasio
First Aid Instructor of the Argentine Red Cross (Vicente Lopez – Buenos Aires).

Video of the Level I "Basic" course in woodland area of Ezeiza, Buenos Aires province.

Video of the Level II "Intermediate" course in marginal jungle and woodlad of Escobar, Buenos Aires province.

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