This course will fully be taught by means of one (1) theoretical class of 5 hours (which can be extended to more time) and can be attended by for those who for reasons of distance can´t travel to attend the theoretic class to be held in Buenos Aires or for those who prefer to learn by means of a theoretical class.

Characteristics and international validity

We will teach Survival techniques based in the figure of the SURVIVAL PENTAGON, whereby it includes the support of one enrolled instructor, videos and photos. Likewise, this course has recognition and international endorsement by the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO international school of Colombia where NORTHLATITUDE is its international official representative in Argentina and will be taught by a international wilderness survival instructor.

This course has been designed to provide knowledge in survival techniques when you need to apply them in a situation of being lost at an unexpected time, in remote areas of wild and hostile characteristics, when under that circumstance you cannot receive immediate help from rescue teams or other persons. Thus, from the beginning you will learn how to design a strategy based on certain procedures on how to organize and design an emergency plan to apply techniques based on the figure of the PENTAGON OF SURVIVAL that basically includes issues related to the Psychology of the Survivor, Positive Mental Attitude (P.M.A), Leadership, Teamwork, First Aid, Signaling, Shelter, Water, Food, Fire, Orientation, etc.


To provide you a training of optimal academic level and international quality in order you can acquire an integral training in benefit of your requirements and therefore we have the ideal human and professional resource to meet your needs because since January 2005 we have started our activities in the teaching of courses in Argentina and in other countries, in terrains of jungles, mountains, deserts, islands, cold areas, etc., being that in addition, some members of our staff are mountaineers. We have professional experience to provide you our knowledge.

Dates and times

To be agreed with the participants being that we are willing to meet your proposals regarding to your available times.

Activities on theory to be given in Survival

Some of the techniques we will teach are based on the I.C.A.O. (International Civil Aviation Organization) international rules, based on international codes of emergency used in the civilian and military environment.

Survival. Definition and different terrains where it can take place.
Organization. Bases of survival.
Planning. Design of a strategy and decision-making based on the analysis of the situation.
P.M.A. (Positive Mental Attitude). Mental control and its importance in a survival situation that can take place in extreme areas.
Psychology on Survival. Adaptation to the environment and coexistence with other persons.
Leadership. Importance of the leader's figure and its personality - Innate leader and choice of a leader at the beginning of a survival situation – Difference between a leader and a boss.
Teamwork. Activities to be carried out in the circumstance of being lost in remote natural environments, located away from the immediate help.
Equipment. Recount of those stuffs available which can be used in an emergency.
Terrain and climates. Different types of terrain to survive in an emergency (forest, jungle, mountain, desert, cold areas, etc.) - Cares.
PENTAGON OF SURVIVAL. Its importance in a survival situation, based on its priorities such as First Aid, Signaling, Shelter, Water, Food, Fire, etc.
First Aid. How to build stretchers of circumstance with natural elements and others to transfer wounded persons.
Signaling. Building of day and night ground-to-air signals areas – Elements needed to make a signaling system – Choosing a terrain to prepare ground-to-air signals – Radio electric and pyrotechnic signals – Conventional signals – Coded and un encoded signals – Signal mirrors, whistles and flashlights – Building of S.O.S. emergency signals and others valid for civilian and military crews members that can also be used by any survivor.
Campsite. Choosing an appropriate place to set a campsite area – Organization and control of equipment and stuffs - Cleaning up the perimeter belonging to the campsite.
Shelters. Building of individual and group shelters with natural resources – Choice of place to build them and orientation – Natural elements and others for its building.
Water. Importance and requirements to survive - Obtaining water in the nature - Ways and places of obtaining – Water filter system - Water purification and rationing methods - Recommendations - Ways to boil water with artificial and natural elements - Cares.
Food.  Obtaining food of wild origin - Rule of edibility – Identification of plants and cares - Construction of devices to cook food and boil water with natural resources – Infusions with plants suitable for the human consumption –.
Fire. Importance - Primitive methods and others to make fire with natural and other means – Choice and control of places to make fires – Techniques of lighting a campfire – Ways of ignition without matches and lighters – Method of friction with natural means – How to put out a campfire - Location and distribution of the campfire on the campsite perimeter to make signaling.
Survival knives. Types, recommendations and cares – Building of circumstance knives with natural elements.
Improvised stretchers and transfer. Building of stretchers with natural means and others at hand – Number of people needed to move injured.
Orientation and crossing. Space location of the north (0°), east (90°), south (180°) and west (270°) cardinal points on the ground - Day and night crossing practices using basic orientation techniques by means of compasses and topographic maps and other natural means – Constitution and reading of topographic maps at several scales – Reverse triangulation method to know the location of the survivors on the map and on the terrain - Design of drawings - Method of double steps to know distances on the ground – Practice of night crossing without flashlight – Other ways of mixed orientation using artificial and natural elements – Preparations to be made before starting a journey on the ground to look for help - Importance and cares on the crossing - Choice and possible places to make it – Objective and subjective dangers – Variable conditions of walking on the ground – When to start a walking - Cares.

Price (to be taught in English language. U$S 45 –according to the consumer advocacy law 24.240-.

Discount for groups. Family, friends or others and will be confirmed with the interested ones.

Way of payment.
 Cash (transference by CBU, Mercado Pago, PayPal or Western Union (for foreigners).

The course includes

  • One (1) basic course handbook comprised by 10 pages, which will be sent y a digital format.
  • One (1) course certificte of international validity.

Course certifications

The certifications have the national endorsement of NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N) and the endorsement and recognition of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO International School of Colombia whereby the Director or NORTHLATITUDE is Instructor of both. The aforementioned international school and the EMERHUIL ASSOCIATION are identified with the NIT 900865308- of the Secretary of Municipal Education of Neiva, fulfilling the requirements established in the 5.8 Article of the 4904 Decree of 2009 and the Article 64 of the 870 Municipal Decree of 2011 and possess the license 0773-2020.

In the certifications are reflected the logos of NORTHLATITUDE of Argentina, of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO International School and of the Gabriel Esquivel as Director and Survival Instructor.
About Gabriel, he will sign as follow:

DISCOVERY CHANNEL Survival Instructor/Technical Adviser 2015, 2017 and 2018.
International Instructor of Survival Instructor of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO International School of Colombia.
Survival, Search and Tracing Instructor of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO International School of Colombia.

Course instructor

Gabriel Esquivel "White Bear".

Director, General Coordinator and Instructor at NORTHLATITUDE.
Teaches course on Survival, Orientation, Search and Tracing and Multiadventure in English language.
DISCOVERY CHANNE Survival Instructor and Technical Adviser during four (4) times in the years 2015, 2017 and 2018 (for the DISCOVERY CHALLENGE Mexico 2015, DISCOVERY WHAT ON EARTH Argentina 2017, technical adviser on survival for the DISCOVERY Extreme Nature production of channel 11 TELEFE Argentina 2018 and for the DISCOVERY Into the wild 2018 of channel 11 TELEFE Argentina as technical adviser of the actor Federico Amador.
International Instructor of Survival Instructors of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO International School of Colombia.
Survival, Search and Tracing Instructor of the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO International School of Colombia -instructor`s licenses (EIDG009AE and EIDG005AE)-.
Survival instructor recognized as “Honorary cause” by S.I.W.A (Survival Instructor World Association) of the United States and Spain.
Instructor of the “Black Bear I Jungle” international survival course, held in jungle terrain of Ecuador (2017).
Instructor of the “Colombia Survival Challenge”, held in desert terrain of Colombia (2019).
Student of a survival course held in the United States, taught by a former S.E.R.E (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) survival instructor of the United States Air Force.
Student of a general survival course held at the III Air Brigade of the Argentine Air Force.
Military personnel of the Argentine Air Force since 1984, actually (R).
Lunch and interview held at N.A.S.A Kennedy Space Center, United States, with the astronaut engineer Edward Gibson, crewmember of the Northmerican space mission Skylab 4 and visit to the Atlantis space suttle.
Special acting as Survival instructor in the PARABELLUM Austrian international film, presented in 40 international festivals.
Former professor on Survival issues at the E.A.A.M (Argentine School of Mountain Activities).
Mountaineer since 1998.

Video of theoretical classes on Survival by videoconference


Video of (Level I Basic) course in woodland of Ezeiza, Bs. As.

Video of (Level II Intermediate) course on island of marginal jungle of Escobar, Bs. As.

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