Since January 2005, when NORTHLATITUDE began its activities in the teaching of courses in Argentine, through the time, Gabriel Esquivel, its Director, taught a personalized course of Orientation, Land Navigation and GPS in English language to a European tourist on a mountain area located within Torres del Paine, in the southern Chile. After that, he gave a class on cartography and orientation to a Swiss tourist in a high mountain refugee located in area of high mountain located in Vallecitos, Cordon del Plata, in the province of Mendoza as well as he was invited to be translator of the “Black Bear I Jungle” international survival course of Ecuador, when Gabriel was one of the DISCOVERY CHANNEL instructors chosen by a company from that country to teach it together with two instructors from Mexico and Brasil in a jungle zone. In addition, the Argentine Air Force also required his translator services at two events held at the 1st. Air Brigade of el Palomar, in the Buenos Aires province, when he met businessmen representatives of an English company where its headquarter is located in Canada, for sale and delivery of equipments (radio beacons) for the military aircraft pilots and crewmembers personnel.

En el sur de Chile enseñando nociones básicas de Cartografía a un turista europeo.
En el sur de Chile enseñando técnicas de orientación y travesía con brújula.
En el refugio Mausy, Vallecitos, Cordón del Plata, Mendoza, Argentina, explicando sobre cartografía.
Curso internacional de supervivencia "Black Bear I Jungle" donde fue instructor y explicó sobre técnicas de supervivencia.
En la I Brigada Aérea del Palomar como intérprete en la venta de equipos de radiobalizas para la Fuerza Aérea Argentina.

Curso Supervivencia, Orientacion y GPS Northlatitude