At the beginning of the year 2015 I was chosen for the first time in Argentina by the International DISCOVERY CHANNEL international network as survival Instructor to oversee nine elite athletes such as mountain guides, mountaineers, triathletes, athletes, cyclists, orienteers, etc., who had to overcome tests carried out on land and water in a casting that took place in Pilar city, province of Buenos Aires. Only four of them were finally chosen along with other participants from Colombia, Mexico and Brazil to compete in the reality show DISCOVERY CHANNEL Challenge 2015 of Mexico. As explained Michela Giorelli, vice president of production and development for Discovery Networks Latin America-U. S. Hispanic.  "Discovery Challenge is a competition of skill, physical resistance and ingenuity produced in Latin America with participants from the region. We will see the best representatives of each country overcome the obstacles of nature and its own limits and fears to achieve a goal. That is why the candidates had to gather conditions of adventurous spirit, physical resistance, ingenuity, ability to work in teamwork, ability, intuition and value.
My thanks to Eliana Grosso of the production Casting Challenge DISCOVERY.

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