NORTHLATITUDE survival instructor and technical advisor for DISCOVERY CHANNEL
and other production of Discovery for Channel 11 TELEFE with Federico Amador

In the year 2017, NORTHLATITUDE had been chosen for third time for the the international network DISCOVERY CHANNEL as technical advisor in survival techniques for the "Into the Wild" program, presented by the actor Federico Amador in a TV program already presented in Channel 11 TELEFE.

In the year 2018, NORTHLATITUDE was chosen for the fourth time by DISCOVERY CHANNEL, this time myself as Director of Northlatitude and as DISCOVERY International Survival Instructor and from (S.I.W.A.), which is the Survival Instructors World Association based in Lackeland, Florida, United States, where I taught some survival methods for woodland areas to the argentine actor Federico Amador who is the protagonist of a new Discovery program that was released on TV since September of this year. My thank to Juan Pablo Bagnato from the RUDAMACHO Entertainment and Communication Production Agency and to Discovery Channel for having chosen us again and a special thanks to Federico who not only developed a good perfomance in applying some survival techniques on the ground if not, he showed to be a very kind person.

  Ending of the Discovery programme with thanks to NORTHLATITUDE Gabriel Esquivel
  Federico Amador and Gabriel Esquivel at the end of the filming in a woodland of Ezeiza - Buenos Aires
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