Since the month of January of the year 2005, through NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N) National and International Argentine Center of Education and Training from where I am its founder and Director, I started the teaching activities of international courses on ”SURVIVAL for EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS with notions on First Aid, Orientation and Land Navigation”, “ORIENTATION, LAND NAVIGATION and GPS with cartography” and the “MULTIADVENTURE (Skydiving + Survival + Orientation + First Aid)” in Spanish and English language in Argentina that in time, I started to extend myself abroad by means of a design of a strategy based on a demanding work on trainings given to students in Argentina and foreigners in diverse wild lands as forests, marginal islands, mountains, deserts and others alike. Also, before I start to teach courses, from the year 1998 I had begun to carry out mountaineering and trekking activities, having participated in several high mountain expeditions in Argentina and having traveled and known almost integrally or at least, many known places of the Argentine Patagonia, such as glaciers, trekkings, camps, etc.

Over time, In the year 2015 I was chosen for the first time in Argentina by the prestigious DISCOVERY CHANNEL international network as Survival International Instructor to be Discovery instructor on test carried out on land and in water for the “DESAFIO MEXICO 2015 TV programme” that was held in the city of Pilar, Buenos Aires, and after that, in the year 2017, I was chosen again as Discovery instructor for the “DISCOVERY WHAT ON EARTH TV” programme to lead a crossing on a wild terrain towards THE EYE, a floating island located in the Delta of Buenos Aires. Finally, in the year 2018, I was selected again two (2) more times as Discovery instructor and technical adviser for the “DISCOVERY NATURALEZA SALVAJE” and “DISCOVERY HACIA LO SALVAJE” TV programmes, where in the last programme that was filmed on a wild land terrain of Ezeiza, Buenos Aires (where I teach the survival and orientation courses), I provided technical advices on survival skills to the Argentine TV actor Federico Amador while we were on the ground. These two last productions of Discovery where made and broadcasted in the Channel 11 TELEFE of Argentina.

Being multiple instructor in several opportunities for the aforementioned international network, allowed me to be chosen by known companies, enterprises, national and international consulting firms, multinationals, etc,, for example, to teach Survival courses with skills on orientation in international courses I taught in jungle of Ecuador (2017), desert of Colombia (2019), Peru (2021) and Mexico (2021) and for that, my thank to DISCOVERY CHANNEL for choosing me and allow me to be national and international representative of that recognized international network. Likewise, in the year (2018) I traveled to the United States for the second time to be trained in a survival course fully given in English language taught by an ex instructor of the North American Air Force who considered I should not pay the course he was about to teach in view of my professional background of having been Discovery instructor and military personnel of the Argentine Air Force to whom I thank him but that I was also going to pay the course.

Among the students I took some test on land and in water for the first Discovery Channel programme, I had the pleasure to do it with great elite sportsmen as mountain guides, orienteers, mountaineers, Triathletes, athletes, cycling, etc

My special thanks to the following persons, representatives of DISCOVERY CHANNEL in Argentina who took part in the selection in order I can be instructor for that International Network:

  • DISCOVERY WHAT ON EARTH (Gustavo Gordonas from the IFIXIT Company and Sergio Neuspiller, Naval Engineer and Film Director of Full Dimensional Entertainment S.A).
  • DISCOVERY NATURALEZA SALVAJE (Juan Pablo Bagnato from RUDAMACHO, Entertainment and Communication Production Agency).
  • DISCOVERY HACIA LO SALVAJE (Juan Pablo Bagnato from RUDAMACHO, Entertainment and Communication Production Agency).
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Curso Supervivencia, Orientacion y GPS Northlatitude