In the month of July of the year 2018, as Director of NORTHLATITUDE, instructor of survival and orientation, DISCOVERY CHANNEL 2015, 2017 and 2018 Survival instructor, “honorary cause” instructor of S.I.W.A.(World Association of Survival Instructors) based in Florida, United States and Military Auxiliary Sub-officer (R) of the Argentine Air Force, I traveled to the United States for the second time, precisely to Atlanta and Florida to carry out a survival course in a woodland area (course fully taught in English language), which as a student I finished satisfactorily it and was certified by the BYRONKERNSSURVIVAL Survival School. My goal was to get a training in one of the best schools of that country in order to get skilled and apply those knowledge acquired in our next survival courses to be given in our Center. The course was taught by the legendary instructor Byron Kerns, former survival instructor (S.E.R.E)-Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape-from the U.S. Air Force based in Washington and the Navy Seals teams, among others and Emmitt Wakefield, both great people and professionals from whom I learned too mucho from them. Also, I wish to express that I had very good classmates with whom we made a very good team where I had the privilege of being chosen as group leader by them. Under completion of the course the instructor and myself we made gifts.

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