In the month of July of the year 2018, as Director of NORTHLATITUDE, instructor of Survival and Orientation, DISCOVERY CHANNEL 2015, 2017 and 2018 survival instructor, Honorary Cause Instructor of S.I.W.A. (World Association of Survival Instructors) based in Florida, United States and Military Personnel sub-officer (R) of the Argentine Air Force, I traveled for the second time to the United States to carry out two goals, to fulfill a survival course in a school of that country and second, to know the Kennedy Space Center (N.A.S.A), which is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, in order to have the opportunity to interview an astronaut personally to ask him some questions being that I had the pleasure to participate in a group lunch with the former astronaut Edward Gibson who had belonged to the crew of the Skylab 4 space mission. During that meeting, I told him that I have been teaching for years survival and orientation courses in several natural lands, precisely on the earth`s land surface and how they as astronauts would behave in the outer space regarding to the survival and orientation in the event an emergency occurs while orbiting the earth in a space mission and can`t return to the land surface by themselves who after it, he replied me.

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