NORTHLATITUDE offers videoconferences in Argentina in Spanish and English language, for the courses on “SURVIVAL for EXTREME ENVIROMENTS with notions on First Aid, Orientation and Land Navigation”, aimed for groups or particulars. About the survival courses, these classes are aimed for interested ones whose live in places located far away from our classroom of Palermo (C.A.B.A) in the Buenos Aires city, in other provinces or countries and therefore, the idea is if you cannot attend the theory by reasons of time, distance or other circumstances, you can attend virtual classes in order to later on attend directly the on-site classes to be taught in the outdoor.

  • Classes and talks aimed for groups of friends and families, Schools, Universities, national and international Consulting Firms, Companies, Armed Forces, Security Forces or others institutions of Argentina and other countries.

  • Theoretical classes for students of the survival courses (not of the orientation).

  • Theoretical classes on survival for those who wish to join the courses in this particular moment of the quarantine being that once the quarantine becomes more flexible and allow back again teaching on-site classes, you must attend again the theoretical class to review what you have seen before and receive the First Aid class.


Survival classes given to the Business Press Consulting Firm and students from
Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, United States, Spain and Italy.


Curso Supervivencia, Orientacion y GPS Northlatitude