NORTHLATITUDE (C.A.C.E.N) offers the opportunity to organize Seminars and Conferences to expose in diverse places to be considered in Argentina and other countries, whatever they are in Institutes, Companies, Universities or others. As a background, in the year 2016 we were invited to participate in a exposition on the Survival subject at the INTERNATIONAL FAIR OF HUNTING, FISHING AND OUTDOORS held at the LA RURAL in Capital Federal and in the year 2018 we were back again invited by the authorities of the CENARD, CENTER OF HIGH SPORTING PERFOMANCE, to expose in a room conference about the Survival subject and this year 2019, we were newly invited to expose in a Seminar that took place in Colombia.

NORTHLATITUDE in a Seminar at a University of Colombia

In view of having been invited NORTHLATITUDE to teach an international course of Survival named COLOMBIA CHALLENGE SURVIVAL in the Desert of La Tatacoa on March 1, 2 and 3, the following day, 4, its Director, Gabriel Esquivel, was one of the speakers chosen and invited by the DRAGONES DEL GOLFO international school from Neiva, Colombia, to expose about wilderness survival at the CORHUILA University as you can see in the following photos.


Curso Supervivencia, Orientacion y GPS Northlatitude